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Wednesday 8 December 2021

Research Task: Sea Food


This is my research task about kaimoana (seafood). I have researched about lots of food in the ocean and found out lots of facts.

Response to text: Kaimoana (Seafood)

 Kaimoana (Seafood)

Highlight the correct answer, or type in what you think is correct.

1. What is kaimoana?

a) Food that has been gathered from the sea b) Food sold by KFC

c) Food that has been gathered from the sky d) Food sold by McDonalds

2. What do pāua eat (consume)? 

a) Kelp             b) Fish

c) Seaweed         d) Water

3. How many of the 270 fish species found inshore are endemic to New Zealand?

a) 11%   b) 30%

c) no one knows   d) 25%

4. What does the kōura (crayfish) look like:

Crayfishes look like mini lobsters, with a front pair of strong pinching claws, an armored body, and a broad tail.

5. True or False: “Kina are endemic to New Zealand meaning they are found all over the world.”

a) True b) False

6.How many different species of wheke (octopus) are there in New Zealand?

a) 51             b) 32

c) 42 d) 63

7. Why are there limits on how many kaimoana people can take from the sea?

Because if you get too much there won’t be enough for others and you need to leave some in the ocean so that the other fish in the ocean can eat them and not just starve

8. Which type of kaimoana would you like to try the most and why?

I want to try Wheke because I have never tried octopus before and I want to try something new 

4 Facts: Kaimoana (Seafood)


Today we are learning and researching about kaimoana (seafood). This is my 4 facts about kaimoana and fish in the ocean. 

Tuesday 7 December 2021

Response to text: Marine Animals

 Marine Animals

Highlight the correct answer, or type in what you think is correct.

1. Approximately how many different species of marine life are in New Zealand?

a) 17,000                                     b) Over 17,000

c) 19,000             d) 16,000

2. According to the article, where are Hector’s dolphins found? 

a) All over New Zealand              b) At the top of the North Island

c) Only in the South Island         d) In the South Island with some in the North Island

3. How many New Zealand sea lions are there?

a) around 12,000 b) exactly 12,000

c) no one knows d) 12,000

4. Describe what the word endemic means:

It means if something is native and belongs to a space like Hector dolphins are endemic to New Zealand waters.

5. True or False: Hector’s dolphins have a distinctive rounded dorsal fin that looks like it has one of Daffy Ducks ears.

a) True b) False

6. What is the conservation status of the Hoiho or Yellow-eyed penguin?

a) Endangered             b) Extinct

c) Threatened-Nationally Endangered d) A few away from extinction

7. What is  the conservation status “Threatened-Nationally Endangered”?

It’s at an very high risk of being excited

8. What can we do as New Zealanders to help protect and save these marine creatures from extinction?

Be more caution around them and too care more when fishing

4 Facts: Sea Creatures

Today we are learning and researchimg about sea creatures. This is my four facts based around sea creatures.

Monday 6 December 2021

Response to Text : The History of Point England

 Pt England School

Highlight the correct answer, or type in what you think is correct.

1. What is the address of Pt England School?

a) 129 Pt England Road                               b) 130 Dunkirk Road

c) 130 Pt England Road             d) 130 Riverside Road

2. How many students attend Pt England School? 

a) 581                       b) 608

c) 576                           d) 600

3. When did the Manaiakalani Education Trust begin?

a) 2005 b) 2009

c) 2010             d) 2011

4. List all of the schools that are part of Manaiakalani:

→Pt england, GLenbrae, Ruapotaka, Glen Innes, St Pius X, Sommerville Special, Stonefields, Tamaki College, Panmure Bridge, Glen Tayor, St Patricks and Tamaki Primary 

5. True or False: “Manaiakalani, the hook from heaven” is the logo and tagline for Manaiakalani. 

a) True b) False

6. Who is the current principal of Pt England School?

a) Mrs Nua             b) Mr Jacobsen

c) Mr Somerville             d) Mr Burt

7. Describe what Mālama Honua was and why it was such a significant thing to happen at Pt England Beach: 

→  Mālama Honua was an event that happened at Pt England beach and all 12 Manaiakalani schools came together and celebrated the arrival of a group of Hawaiian sailors coming to the beach. The people who made journeys so that we can enjoy the lives we now have. This event was held to remember the amazing skills of these people, their courage, their determination and  the way they provided for their families and their future. We want to honour them for the gift they have given us and to remind ourselves that as their children, we can accomplish great things too.