Tuesday, 28 September 2021

W10 Tuesday: Bronze


For Math we are learning how to sovle word problems.

5 Facts: Avengers


Today we are rescearching about the Avengers. This is my 5 facts about who created the avenger the original team and others.

Research Task: Avengers


Today we are researching about the avengers. For the resacrh task we had to get information about a few avengers.

Response to Text: Avengers (Tuesday W10, T3)

 Response to text:


Highlight the correct answer or write down the appropriate response.

1. The story of the Avengers was created by 

a) Nick Fury and Thor                            b) Bruce Lee 

c) Stan Lee and Jack Kirby                       d) George Lucas

2. The original team of Avengers included

a) Loki, Hulk, Batman           b) Ant Man, Captain America, Black Panther

c) Hulk, Loki, Thor                   d) Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk

3. Explain why Nick Fury and S.H.i.E.L.D. put together the team of Avengers

→  To fight battles that S.H.I.E.L.D never could

4. True or False: The Sokovia Accords meant that superheroes didn’t need to register and could do whatever they wanted. 

a) True b) False

5. Thanos and the Black Order came to Earth to gather the power of the 

a) Informant Stones               b) Infinity Stones

c) Avengers                              d) Hulk

6. The Avengers were able to use this to travel back in time

a) time travel machine             b) the S.H.I.E.L.D. special jet

c) Thanos particles                           d) Pym Particles

7. Select the best answer: The Avengers movies have earnt more than

a) $1.5 Billion                  b) $500 Million

c) $100 Billion                          d) $100

Monday, 27 September 2021

Research Task: Star Wars


This week the topic is movies and today we are learning about Star Wars. For the research task I had to write imformation about Star Wars characters 

Response to Text: Star Wars (Monday W10, T3)

 Response to text:

Star wars

Highlight the correct answer or write down the appropriate response.

1. Star Wars movies are movies based on 

a) Fairy tales                                                b) Science fiction 

c) Documentaries                    d) Reality TV

2. The creator of Star Wars is

a) Mr Hughes               b) Peter Jackson

c) George Lucas d) Stan Lee

3. Explain why the twins Leia and Luke Skywalker were separated after they were born:

→ They were separated so the dark wouldn’t find them and they wouldn’t get hurt 

4. True or False: When Anakin Skywalker turned to the Dark Side he became Darth Vader

a) True b) False

5. Luke Skywalker learnt about the ways of the Jedi from

a) Darth Vader               b) Mr Jacobsen and Mr Burt

c) Han Solo                           d) Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda

6. Luke and Leia fight the evil government called the

a) Galactic Company              b) Galactic Empire

c) BattleStar Galactica                    d) Guardians of the Galaxy

7. Kylo Ren is the son of

a) Luke Skywalker                    b) Darth Vader

c) Anakin Skywalker                              d) Han Solo

8.In your own words describe why Star Wars is so popular with fans around the world

→ Because the movie makes people want to know more

Friday, 24 September 2021

Math-Whizz Relection

In the start of the Term 3 my math-whizz status was a apperntice, and at the end of this term I am now a math-whizz superstar.